love NARS… hate the shipping

How many of you beauties use NARS products? François Nars knows how to make a girl squeal with his skin perfecting complexion products and intensely pigmented blushes (more bang for your buck)… But ordering online is such a hassle and … Continue reading

Blogging is hard work…

I get so impatient/frustrated/lazy with this blogging thing… As a millennial, technology is supposed to be my thing but… This tew much 😩😩😩 Anywho… Ummm HAPPY NEW YEAR? Have we reached the date where it’s no long necessary to wish … Continue reading

ok… sooo

quite a few of the posts on my blog have lost the pictures. I don’t know what’s going on, but I don’t have the patience to figure it out, so I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna delete those posts…

perhaps I’ll do a ‘throwback’ post type thing in the future…

oh, and by the way, I’m gonna be blogging semi-regularly again.. can’t say for how long tho :-/

Make Up For Ever *new* Artist Shadows

In commemoration of their 30 year anniversary, MUFE released an entire line of brand new eye shadows/blushes. There’s 210 new colors coming in 5 formulas: diamond, iridescent, matte, metal, satin…

Recently MUFE had a special all access preview for Backstage Pass card holders (their Pro discount) and I made sure to take advantage. With the purchase of 10 or more shadows, you received a bonus discount on top of the already awesome Pro discount received! Needless to say, I made sure to stock up.

Since I no longer live near a boutique, I called in my order to the NYC boutique. Karen assisted me and she was great. Only took a few days for shipping, everything was packed tight, and I’m very pleased. I’ll be sure to place all my future orders with this boutique.


I also purchased 2 of the 10 color palettes (to house these refills) and they included a cute little samples kit!

Now on to the good part….




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my makeup storage

One of these days I’ll blog about my lastest move…back to Chicago.

I’ve been back for about 3 weeks and have yet to finish furnishing and decorating my place. Despite that, I was getting a little antsy (it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve worn makeup) and decided to at least get makeup storage under control. It had been sitting in boxes for long enough.

Aside from that, I’d purchased so much new stuff that wasn’t packed with my current makeup stash, so I was adding quite a few products in (reviews to comes, once I finally get to the newbies).

And here we are…

I purchased the containers from The Container Store (found here and here)

initially I purchased 1 tray, 4 drawers, and 4 wide drawers. but I only ended up using 2 drawers and 3 of the wide drawers (didn’t have as much as I expected, other wise I would’ve put them to use by buying more makeup… smh)

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what’s the saying? change is the only thing consistent… change is inevitable…
whatever it is, seems just about right.

I enjoy change, I like seeing/doing new things.
this is why I move so frequently, why I get tired of a job after a year, why I want to go back to school, why I’m contemplating a new career, why I can never figure out what I want to do with my hair, because I want to do everything with it.

change. is good.

without trying to get too deep, I changed my blog up. I wanted something very simple, chic, with a touch of elegance. I’m still playing with it, should be no surprise if it’s totally changed up within a week or two.

all the content is there, which I’m going through to fix broken pictures/links, and new content is coming.

while I enjoy change, I lack consistency, but one thing that’s ALWAYS consistent in my life, is change.