everyday (FOTD)


I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been losing track of my days. which is odd because I don’t do anything. but the days seem to just run together….*sigh*

anywho, so yesterday’s FOTD is coming today. you don’t mind 😉

this is a nice ‘everyday’ look I decided to throw on. all products are mac…as you know, I’m traveling and only brought this stuff.


embark shadow (this isn’t the norm but my pencil ran out and I haven’t gotten another one yet)
mac studio finish concealer-nw40

 colour 4 forecast quad (manilla paper-inner corner, flip-3/4 lid, aztec brick-1/4 lid and a bit into crease)
embark-outer V and crease
feline eye kohl-smudge on lashline
chromographic pencil nw25/nc30-waterline
zoom lash mascara
mineralize concealer-nw35 (undereye)
 mineralize foundation loose-medium deep (set concealer and rest of face)
lovejoy mineralize blush
the soft meow mineralize blush (contour)
studio finish concealer-nw40
tendertone-hush, hush
I think that’s everything….
how do you like it? have you tried any of these products?
and untilllll next time….peace honey 😉

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