FOTN (kickin’ it)

this is a couple weeks old, but this was girl’s night out! woooooo-hoooo!

I went out with one my best buds. we hadn’t hung out in months, you know with being busy being adults n such.

don’t think I got a good picture of the eyes…

anywho…here’s my face 🙂

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did someone say…tinted moisturizer?

I’m not much of a foundation wearer. if you’ve noticed on my FOTD post, I don’t usually list a foundation. I don’t like for my face to be weighed down. that and also my skin is pretty sensitive. and dry. then, honestly, I don’t think I need much coverage. concealer works well for me…

but one day I discovered tinted moisturizers. happiness ensued.

the two tinted moisturizers (TM) I own are: MAC studio moisture tint (dark) and NARS pure radiant TM (cuba)

I don’t use tinted moisturizers in lieu of a ‘normal’ daytime moisturizer. here’s my routine: cleanse, tone, spritz with mineralize charged water (absolutely love), use a dab of ambi moisturizer (spf 30, I believe), then use enough TM to cover my whole face and neck (which isn’t a lot).

MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($30, 1.3oz)

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In Extra Dimension (part dos)

as promised (in my most recent YT vid) here are the swatches of ALL the products I purchased from the MAC In Extra Dimension collection (released April 5).

I first went (right at open) to grab glorify, havana, and grand galaxy. then I came home and said…you know what, go back and get more! so I went back to my local counter and got rich core and superb (which happened to be the last one, must have been meant to be)

the skin finishes are similar to MSFs, but they are much more metallic and almost creamy. these are not cream to powder formulas, they are all powder, but there’s something about them that makes them look almost like a cream…feel and finish

everything is SUPER pigmented as well. all swatches are the result of swiping my finger through ONCE and taking what was picked up and swiping my arm ONCE. as you will see…pigment city! these products can last a lifetime, only a little is needed when applying.

and now…swatches

Enjoy 😉

extra dimension skin finishes (no flash, wack natural light)
glorify, superb
with flash

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well would you look at that…FOTD

And finally, another blog post….
I’m going through and adding FOTDs from looks I did, probably weeks ago. But I haven’t shared them, so it still counts.
This look was inspired by RaeMichele. I loves orange, so this was perfect…stay tuned for a product list
MAC ‘red brick’
MAC ’embark’
MAC ‘goldmine’ (I think, in the tear duct)
liner/mascara, the usual, just any ol’ black

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