In Extra Dimension (part dos)

as promised (in my most recent YT vid) here are the swatches of ALL the products I purchased from the MAC In Extra Dimension collection (released April 5).

I first went (right at open) to grab glorify, havana, and grand galaxy. then I came home and said…you know what, go back and get more! so I went back to my local counter and got rich core and superb (which happened to be the last one, must have been meant to be)

the skin finishes are similar to MSFs, but they are much more metallic and almost creamy. these are not cream to powder formulas, they are all powder, but there’s something about them that makes them look almost like a cream…feel and finish

everything is SUPER pigmented as well. all swatches are the result of swiping my finger through ONCE and taking what was picked up and swiping my arm ONCE. as you will see…pigment city! these products can last a lifetime, only a little is needed when applying.

and now…swatches

Enjoy πŸ˜‰

extra dimension skin finishes (no flash, wack natural light)
glorify, superb
with flash

extra dimension shadows (no flash)
top to bottom
grand galaxy, havana, rich core
all together now…
glorify, superb, rich core, havana, grand galaxy
so again…did you pick up anything from this collection? what do you think? have you tried any looks yet? share with me!
that’s it for now…got a lot more coming. be sure to check back at least weekly πŸ™‚
until next time…peace honey πŸ˜‰

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