did someone say…tinted moisturizer?

I’m not much of a foundation wearer. if you’ve noticed on my FOTD post, I don’t usually list a foundation. I don’t like for my face to be weighed down. that and also my skin is pretty sensitive. and dry. then, honestly, I don’t think I need much coverage. concealer works well for me…

but one day I discovered tinted moisturizers. happiness ensued.

the two tinted moisturizers (TM) I own are: MAC studio moisture tint (dark) and NARS pure radiant TM (cuba)

I don’t use tinted moisturizers in lieu of a ‘normal’ daytime moisturizer. here’s my routine: cleanse, tone, spritz with mineralize charged water (absolutely love), use a dab of ambi moisturizer (spf 30, I believe), then use enough TM to cover my whole face and neck (which isn’t a lot).

MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($30, 1.3oz)

I found this tucked away at a CCO in Virginia. now, let me say first. MAC dropped the ball with this one. I mean, they didn’t shoot an airball, they just dropped it as soon as it was inbounded (you like that basketball reference?)

anywho…I got the shade ‘dark’. usually I wear medium dark/deep MSF. this is just about the same tint as medium dark msf. when these were first released, this was the darkest color offered. now, since they’ve been re-released, there is one darker shade. that makes 6 shades. so for color selection, MAC gets a 2/5 for this. they def weren’t looking out for the brown skins with this one.

MAC on the left.
and remember, this is ‘dark’

aside from the poor color selection, it turns out, I really like this. it lasts a long time. I can only vouch for 8 hours though because I usually take my makeup off as soon as I come home from work. that’s still a good amount of time and it probably lasts longer.

I usually apply this is a flat top buffer brush or with my fingers. it spreads evenly and blends well. very moisturizing and doesn’t make me look all shiny. great for dry skin. the coverage is decent, in my more red areas I may add a second coat.

it’s blended out right at my wrist
although it looked too light, it blends out well and doesn’t leave a veil-ish type look

overall: 3.7/5

next up…NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 ($42, 1.9oz)

LOVE! that’s it.

just kidding. but not about the LOVE part.

this product comes in 9 shades and any woman of color and find a match! Franscois Nars (did I spell that correctly?) definitely has love for the brown skins.

NARS on the right
see..how nice am I? I added the picture again so you wouldn’t have to scroll up
its to the right, close to my knuckles. this blends even better.
maybe I shouldn’t have blended so much, but I really didn’t it just melted into my skin 😉

I selected the color ‘cuba’ and it blends PERFECTLY into my skin. I apply it the same way as the studio moisture tint and it feels really good on my skin. it lasts. a long time. the coverage is very nice. I take maybe about a dime sized amount and I’m all good for my face. this is oil free so it’ll be a good one even if you have oily skin.the price is hefty, indeed. you may not be able to justify it for such a small bottle. but samples are always free. head to your sephora and get one!

as of now, I don’t have any cons. all of my instagram buddies who have it love it as well.

overall: 5/5

do you wear tinted moisturizer? what’s your favorite? share you experiences with these, if you’ve tried.

as always…until next time
peace honey 😉


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