the typical work face

it’s monday…but at least this week is a short week, with thanksgiving coming up (which reminds me, I still need to hit up the grocery for my meal ingredients! yea, we cooks around these parts!). but I also told myself that I’d wear make up everyday this week, monday-wednesday. so here’s day one.

today’s eye look is courtesy of wet n’ wild. I went and dug out the ‘comfort zone’ and ‘vanity’ palettes out of my bag of “give away makeup” as I decided I’m just gonna keep those two, lol! their shadows are amazingly pigmented, just super soft so they will create a small dust effect, be careful when applying.

another rarely used item I chose to use today is MAC’s ‘rich ground’ fluidline as a base. it’s a beeeeautiful rich brown/bronze color, I could’ve used it alone. as a matter of fact, I will one day. pop some black in the outer v area and add a tear duct highlight and I’m good to go for a simple brown smokey eye. yes!

brows are the usual: MAC brow pencil in ‘spiked’, MAC brow set in ‘show off’

eyes: MAC fluidline in ‘rich ground’ as a base, wet n’ wild ‘comfort zone’ left side of the palette – crease color on lid and definer color on outer v and slightly in crease and along bottom lash line, wet n’ wild vanity palette – matte light brown color in crease as buffer color and shimmer champagne color in tear duct, maybelline gel liner in ‘blackest black’, l’oreal carbon black mascara, MAC eye kohl in ‘nc25/nw30’ (I think)

face: NARS sheer glow foundation in ‘tahoe’ (review coming this week), LORAC blush in ‘hollywood’

lips: MAC prolong wear lipgloss in ‘ready or not’

anywho…here’s some pictures.



so anywho…this week is gonna be rather slow at work, so I’ll be snappin’ pictures in between assignments 🙂

what’s your typical work face?


7 thoughts on “the typical work face

  1. Everyday for work I manage mascara, blush and lip gloss. But you’re right, when I incorporate eye liner and maybe a quick run-over of powder, it makes all the difference! 🙂

  2. thank ya, kindly!
    girl I don’t usuallly wear makeup to work, but this is the look I go for since it’s relatively quick and easy. I’m sooo not a morning person.
    but if you set out 10 mins for some liner, mascara, blush, and lipgloss, you’ll see a huge difference!
    15 mins and you can add some under eye concealer, lol!

  3. You certainly look like you are glowing!

    I never look this good on a Monday, I never seem to have the energy for much effort in the makeup department for work. Which is a shame, because when I have a little on, it makes all the difference with how I feel that day. I need to find a balance!

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