Make Up For Ever NYC Boutique & Haul

what’s uppington err’ybody?!

So I’ve been doing some things, getting out n such, and I wanna share some of it with you!

on a whim, back in october, I decided I was just gonna book a trip to DC. I haven’t been there since I was a child and I figured it was time for me to visit chocolate city as an adult. so…on dec 28 I flew on out for a few days. but this post isn’t about my trip, there’s another post coming with all that.

this post is about my day trip to NYC and my visit to the make up for ever boutique. so I decided to take a bus up to the NY, which ended up being a 5 hour ride (insert upset face emoticon). at least I didn’t have to sit next to anyone. but I only ended up spending about 5 1/2 hours in the NY.

first stop – the MUFE boutique. they were closing an hour after my arrival so I’m all panicked, like damn, is I’m gon make it (yes, I said this to myself)?! once we pulled in the terminal, I hopped off the bus, looked up directions, and hopped on the train. I was there in less than 30 minutes 🙂

sooo…anywho here are a few pictures of the boutique and my haul!

some of my captions might be a little corny…but you’ll read them anyway 😉

the front window

multi-use products (mixes/pigments/chromacakes equivalents)

eye products

complexion products

different sorts of photos and articles

I was trying to be inconspicuous, although I don’t think the employees would’ve cared I was snapping pictures…but this is a mobile type of vanity. I think sephora actually had it for sell. and that’s my coat in the lower left corner 🙂

my bag of goodies!

in 173

 6 pan palette

                       this trip I purchased the top left (turquoise 83), top right (black 4) and bottom middle (reddish brown 161)

rouge artist intense lipstick

25 & 36

small makeup pouch (duh, right?)

here’s my haul n all that jazz… for these 8 products my total came to $99.95 (thank Jesus for the backstage pass/pro discount)


6 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever NYC Boutique & Haul

  1. I’m so jealous! Houston has NOTHING! I gotta go to Dallas to get me some MUFE and use my Backstage Pass. Boo…

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  3. This blog was great. It’s such a shame that the U.K don’t sell Make Up For Ever after all the amazing reviews!!

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