Make-Up Moves: Foundation Part 2

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Everyone LOVED Torrey’s post about foundation last week, and I’m sure you all are awaiting part 2 which focuses on highlighting and contouring.  I won’t delay any longer, here it is!

After applying your foundation, you face becomes flat because it is all one color. Naturally, especially for women of color, our faces are slightly darker around the perimeter and lighter in the middle. To bring back the depth and light to your face, contouring and highlighting are necessary.

Contouring brings shadows to the face, making the area where contoured seem more distant or smaller. While highlighting does this exact opposite. You highlight the areas of your face where light naturally falls.

The areas of your face that are usually contoured are the hollows of the cheeks, the jawline, sides of the nose, and temples.

The areas of your face that are usually highlighted are under the eyes, tops of…

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