Foundation Review Series: Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation

There are already a TON of reviews on this foundation. From YouTube, to blogs, to Instagram, all over these innanets! But here’s mine. Cause I’m a part of this “blogosphere” I’m gonna contribute, someone’s interested in my thoughts, right?

So here we go…

This foundation is like an extra layer of skin. Not in the sense of creating a thick elephant like skin, but like your skin, but much better. It offers a sort of perfection, especially for those with limited skin issues. The coverage it offers is medium to full, however, I can not attest to how heavy a coverage it offers, as I do not like full/heavy coverage. It has also be sheered out, perhaps in conjunction with a moisturizer or mixing medium. I used almost 2 pumps and it covered my whole face and slightly down to my neck. I did use about a half a pump more in certain spots of my face where I had a couple blemishes. I decided to use 2 pumps because this was New Year’s Eve and I knew I’d be drinking which meant, I’d probably sweat a little bit. I wanted to be sure it lasted and didn’t fade. We’ll get to that point a little later tho… Check out my FOTN from New Year’s here.

I believe if you have problematic skin, this foundation will work for you. You’ll need to work with it, layer it, but wait until each layer dries before you add another. It may take some trial and error to get the right amount without it being cakey.

photo 2-1

This foundation lasted alllll night long (in my Lionel Richie voice)! As I stated previously, I decided to wear this foundation New Year’s Eve night, so I was drinking, dancing (just a little), and sweating (not profusely, but you know how it gets on a night out). At the end of the night, my makeup looked the same! I did use a primer tho, which I stated I would not do for this series, but I forgot, and I wanted to get a review up (sorrys). I used the MUFE HD primer in 0 (zero). I also set it with MAC’s MSF in medium dark. Soooo I’m sure that helped tremendously in its longevity. I was very pleased!

photo 1-1

Color Match
MUFE’s HD foundation comes in 25 shades! I believe EVERY person can find a suitable shade. Just because it looks one way in the bottle, does not mean it will look the same on your skin, especially when it settles. You have to be a little patient with makeup sometimes, everyone’s skin reacts differently. So even though we may be the exact same color, our undertone may be different, or perhaps our natural oils (sebum) produces differently. That reacts with foundation and may or may not affect the color. So, in short, try different colors. You don’t have to listen to the MUA at the counter/store. You know your skin!

Anywho, I picked up shade 173. Damn near puuuuurfect match! It looked great on my skin (if I may say so :))
The packaging is sleek and comes with a pump with cap. Ultra sanitary and can be used easily in your makeup kit. It’s easy to store in small areas, like if you’re in an apartment or just have a small area for your makeup, NOT in the bathroom!
Make Up For Ever NYC Boutique & Haul

This foundation is a bit expensive at $42 for 1.01oz of product. That’s pretty standard, however, for “higher end” foundations. MUFE also has an HD starter kit for $79, which comes with a full size foundation, mini HD finishing powder, mini HD primer in 0 (zero), and a small kabuki brush. I think that’s a GREAT value! I only picked up one bottle, and I used my Backstage Pass (pro discount) when I visited the boutique in NYC. You can see a haul from that trip here. I definitely think this is worth the money. You can use this foundation as an everyday staple, using 1 pump and it’ll last you a long while! It’s nice to have a foundation that can serve double duty, both for everyday use and “special event” use.

Overall thoughts – I would recommend this for anyone who’s interested in foundations. It will work for those who like light to those who like fuller coverage. I waited a long while before I decided to buy, but I’m so glad I finally did. I REALLY like this foundation. It’s just what I like in a makeup. And with such an extensive color range, ANY woman should find a good match! So for us women of color, yes, Dany Sanz (the creator of MUFE), was looking out for us!

If you’ve tried this foundation, please share your thoughts!

I’ll be back soon with a few more reviews and hopefully some FOTDs. I haven’t been wearing makeup lately 😦

My post on the makeup discounts I have is coming soon as well! Stay tuned!

Peace y’all



4 thoughts on “Foundation Review Series: Make Up For Ever High Definition Foundation

  1. Girl, look at cha! This one is next on my list of foundies! Thanks for the awesome review!

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