Make-Up Moves: Eyebrow Tutorial

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By Torrey, Make-Up Maven

In my opinion, the two most important areas of makeup are complexion and brows. Brows frame your face and pretty much set the tone for your makeup. Without having your brows complete and polished, your entire look is a dud.

You could very well only have your brows done, with nothing else, and still look polished and well put together.

If you are beginning in makeup, I would say, invest time in practicing the best method for the brow you want to achieve and also invest in a really good brow pencil, powder, or cream gel.

Here are a few do’s and don’t’s for brows:

  • DO use a brow pencil/powder/gel that compliments your skin tone and hair color
  • DON’T use black! Even if your hair is jet black. It’s too harsh on the face.
  • DO use a light hand and light strokes when filling in
  • DON’T…

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