I painted my nails!

So I made a list of small things I could do to make myself feel more like a woman. Professional, really grown ass, woman. Noooooow….these are things I perceive a very feminine woman would do, that I wasn’t currently doing.
I can be honest and say, I’m not the most feminine woman, outside of wearing makeup. I have no interest in shopping, fashion, the color pink (except lipstick), and honestly I never have. But I want to make some small changes to my image, one being, get my nails together (and feet). Another one is taking my work clothes to the cleaners. I think this came about from starting my career. School is over and I won’t be going back (finally decided to forget about law school) but I’ll be out in this corporate world for a little while. So while I’m here, I not only want to perform my best, I want to look damn good. Cause my motto is: I look good, I feel good, and I perform well.
In all of this, I’m saying, this is one step for me to evolve into the next phase of my womanhood. I love who I am and I’m constantly evolving. Thank God everyday for who he created me to be.
Any who…info on the polish: OPI San-tan-tonio. I don’t like color on my nails, so this is a perfect nude shade for me! Got it at Ulta for $9.50, I believe. I’m rusty with polishing, but of course, practice makes perfect. So stay tuned for more pictures of my nails, of colors in the same family 😉



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