got that…

…nose piercing 😉

It’ll be 4 weeks on Saturday. I’m over it.
No one told me my nose would peel like crazy, itch, and be still be sore…the bent part in my nose is covered in boogies. And it’s just getting annoying.

I’ve said I’m gonna take it out so many times now…this weekend is supposed to be it! But looking at these pictures, I may keep it a little longer.

No one in the office (besides my friend) has said anything. I’m almost thinking people don’t notice or think it’s always been there. Or they’re just chit chatting amongst themselves (I’d bet on this). Whatevers. I’ll take it out sometime soon tho, I’m sure.

I can be so hasty with my decisions…ah well. I’m young. Ball out. Get money.


makeup happenings

I am bizack. Blogging while walking down the street. Multitasking! No secret I’m not consistent with this here blogging…but I’m getting them out..sometimes.

And cut me some slack, I was studying for a section of the CPA exam…we shall see how the results read. Send some positive vibes 🙂

And here I am with a few pictures of some looks I’ve worn this month.


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