makeup happenings

I am bizack. Blogging while walking down the street. Multitasking! No secret I’m not consistent with this here blogging…but I’m getting them out..sometimes.

And cut me some slack, I was studying for a section of the CPA exam…we shall see how the results read. Send some positive vibes 🙂

And here I am with a few pictures of some looks I’ve worn this month.


No idea what foundation I’m wearing.
NARS cream concealer (caramel) undereye
On the eyes is
Bamboom paint (base)
Inglot gel liner #77 as a base on the lid (I may or may not have done this)
Brown script
On the lips
Stripdown lip liner
Pink nouveau lipstick

I’m not really too sure about everything. Damn me.


A night on the town…
Oookay, again, don’t remember what’s on my face
Pretty sure I used My Paradise on the cheeks
On the eyes
Inglot gel liner #77 for base
MUFE 004
MUFE 129
MUFE 161
On the lips
Cherry liner
Ruby woo (I have given red lips a chance, totally separate post)


No idea what this is…
But on the lips is Sounds Like Noise
PERFECT orange!

Soooo there’s a little somethin’ for that ass 😉

Be back laters!


2 thoughts on “makeup happenings

  1. thank you! I was totally against red for the longest, just cause I don’t like red lips, lol! it’s definitely red on me, could’ve been the lighting or angle.
    thanks again!

  2. I love the way these look on you! I thought Ruby Woo was a matte fuschia when I saw your photo, though, I guess that’s why you’re done with red? Maybe a darker red like Diva or Media would show the tone more. So pretty, and thanks for checking out my blog!! I’ll follow you here. =)

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