don’t get sucked into the hype

if you know anything about makeup, you know recently MAC teamed up with that one girl, Rihanna, for a collab on a few “new” products.

this tuesday MAC launched the summer collection which consisted of 3 lipsticks, a blush duo, and lustre drops….

well…. MAC pretty much dropped the ball with this waiting room. granted, everyone in the world wanted to get these, some willing to buy 10 at a time (which is absurd), so MAC did its best to regulate all that… which turned into an hour and a half wait time just to check out.

I’ll tell you this.. there won’t be another lipstick ever in life that’ll have me waiting at my desk to purchase.

I dont eem mess with rihanna… not even a little bit

anywho… swatches n shit. tell me what you think. did you purchase any? was your order cancelled? what’s your horror story?

don't get sucked into the hype


photo 1-8

photo 2-8



6 thoughts on “don’t get sucked into the hype

  1. thank you so much! I couldn’t believe MAC was making people wait only to tell them their orders wouldn’t be processed. last time I’ll participate in that kind of madness!

  2. I waited in that waiting room forever and a day. My order never even went through. All I wanted was Riri Boy. I loveee me some purple lipstick. Oh well. They both look fab on you!

  3. Heaux looks so great on you! (maybe worth the hype cos it looks that good haha) I didn’t wait in line, I think it’s probably more of a line for people who are fans of makeup+rhianna…not just for makeup fans and because I’m not huuuuuge on rhianna I gave it a miss. (might wait for the restock though haha)

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    Hope you are having a lovely day xo

  4. exactly.. there is nothing unique about these colors, nothing spectacular, nothing. just another lipstick. Im on a new buy soon. I have too much stuff lying around everywhere

  5. I didn’t get sucked in! After hearing stories I’m glad I didn’t waste my time on this. I think the colors are pretty, and they look good on you, but in my opinion I don’t think it’s the end all of lipsticks. So many lipsticks out there!

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