something a little different…question of the week

perhaps this can be a series type thing…hmmmm

do you think you’re a good friend?
honestly. would you be your friend if you were someone else?
I don’t think I’m a good friend to certain types of people. 
here’s why…I dont have any patience. I have some, but only for things I place value on. 
wait…. for instance, having the patience to really learn someone and know what I can and cannot say. nope. I say what I want, you’re my friend. that means, I won’t say anything to hurt you, you’re my friend, I don’t want to hurt you. I want to ALWAYS be able to tell the truth. 
I don’t know how to personally deal with certain types of personalities. in a business professional setting, I can fake it all day and grumble under my breath, but in a personal friendship, I’m not doing that. 
passive aggressiveness, no. debbie downers, no. bubbly ass can’t ever be quiet, no. shady go behind your back, no. frienemy, da fuck?
this is why I have 2 people in my life I call real friends. I don’t like being around a lot of people. I’m an only child and a serious introvert when it comes to my personal life. and I don’t have any patience. sooo…I know I’m not the best friend in the world, but I’m loyal as hell. I treat my friends with respect and make sure I’m trustworthy. that’s what I value so that’s what I provide. to those 2 individuals, I value our friendships and they get the best of me. these other birds out here…they don’t get shit. lol, just kidding, I don’t fly with birds. my circle is tight. 
anywho…I’m curious to know if you’ve ever thought about this

So I’m finally posting this look…

So I’m back with details of one of the looks I posted in my “a little extra…” post.
This look was worn on my first night out in DC. Had a great time and I reaaaaally liked the look I chose to wear.


No idea was foundation this is, which sucks cause I like to know for my own reference so I can look back on pictures to see how the foundation looks on my skin. Sometimes I just wanna see, don’t judge. Thank you.

I don’t know what blush or contour this is either, that’s what I get for having too many. Looks like it may be Mac ‘ripe for love’ (LE) or Mac ‘my paradise’ (LE)
Any peachy blush will get you a similar effect

What’s most important
MUFE 70 (crease)
MUFE 18 (lid)
Sephora flashy liner purple (lower lash line)
MUFE 92 (lower lash line)
Mac motif (inner corner)
I didn’t deepen the outer V or crease because I wanted a more soft look
Lid liner is just a black gel liner, I think. It could be liquid
No lashes, just loads of mascary (yes, this is what I call mascara, come at me)

Mac Peach stock lipstick
Mac peach stock lip glass

I think that’s it. Any questions, just let me know, although I may not have the answer. Sorrys.

pictures after the jump 😉

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benefit “they’re real” mascara

I’d heard many great things about Benefit’s ‘they’re real’ mascara. What prompted me to finally purchase was my mom’s rave about how good it was.

She has fairly thin lashes and asked me several times how to get fuller lashes. I told her about MAC’s prep & prime lash and how good that works. She tried it, but it didn’t work the same for her that it worked for me.


This product, however had the opposite outcome. The Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara is nothing special. I much prefer my drugstore L’Oreal brand of carbon black mascara.

It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t run, stays all day, and it’s easy to get off with EVOO.

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that’s two weeks in a row…

2 weekends in a row…I’m on a roll!

So last week a new friend and I ventured on down to U Street in DC to see what Indulj was lookin’ like.

We had a pretty good time. The music was good, catfish nuggets were incredible, and the scene wasnt too bad (although I would’ve liked to see a few more men ;))

Those catfish nuggets alone will bring me back. And soon.

So if you’re in the DMV area, check it out!

Anywho…on to this FOTN/OOTN

I’ll have a post coming soon on this whole moving fiasco. Long story, short…I still ain’t got my shit. So I’ve had to buy some new clothes to go out in. Bummer.

I found this really cute hi-low dress at Macy’s on sale. I’m not really good at describing clothes but I’ll do my best. Hopefully the picture will explain it better. So the bottom half has a wrap feel too it, but it’s stitched. In the front there’s almost like a slit, but that’s the wrap feel to it. Basically if I stuck my leg out too far, all my thigh meat would be showing. So it’s got a little sex appeal to it. Heeeeeeeyyyy….

I wore some Steve Madden wedge sandals, I don’t think they’re pictured, but they were comfy and worn the entire night.

The bright orange clutch is easily my fav accessory. I would base an entire outfit around this clutch. It’s Jessica Simpson, purchased from Nordstrom Rack.

On to the makeup


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happy anniversary

so my one-year blog anniversary was July 11…. I forgot. whoops…

anywho… I’m thinking about doing some type of small give away. just cause. 

any ideas? anything in particular you’d like to win? 

I’m thinking about a MAC lipstick of your choice. OR if a guy wins… I guess whatever they like that’s health & beauty related (for <$20, lol)

let me know what you guys think!

wurr have you been?

there’s a whooole lot going on in my life right now. well, not really, but there’s some shit going. nothing I can’t handle 😉

basically, I have moved to our nation’s capital (around there some where) and I’m starting to see things differently. I feel different, I’m looking a little different, my mind has changed. I needed to remove myself from chicago. it’s a nice place to visit, but didn’t work out for me living there. so here I am….

so far, I’m enjoying it. I’ve only been here a little over a week, but things are looking up. I’ll come back with more details in the next few weeks, stay tuned. 

anywho… here’s a couple pictures. just cause. I’m cute. LOL!

been interviewing n such, and this is my interview face. I’ve written a post for Your Chic is Showing and it should be up soon. I’ll reblog then.


I will be back soon. promise!