wurr have you been?

there’s a whooole lot going on in my life right now. well, not really, but there’s some shit going. nothing I can’t handle 😉

basically, I have moved to our nation’s capital (around there some where) and I’m starting to see things differently. I feel different, I’m looking a little different, my mind has changed. I needed to remove myself from chicago. it’s a nice place to visit, but didn’t work out for me living there. so here I am….

so far, I’m enjoying it. I’ve only been here a little over a week, but things are looking up. I’ll come back with more details in the next few weeks, stay tuned. 

anywho… here’s a couple pictures. just cause. I’m cute. LOL!

been interviewing n such, and this is my interview face. I’ve written a post for Your Chic is Showing and it should be up soon. I’ll reblog then.


I will be back soon. promise!


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