question of the week: is home where the heart is?


since 2007 I’ve lived in 5 different states..
I was in cincinnati from 2007-2010, mosied on over to detroit from 2010-2011, went back to ohio (toledo) for a few months in 2011, headed south to tennessee (nashville area) for a few months in 2012, moved BACK to ohio for a few more months, then finally settled in chicago around mid 2012.
ok, that wasn’t final, cause a year later I moved to the DMV. so now… in 2013, I’m in my 5th state….gaaaah damn
and during this time 2007-2013, I’ve moved about 11 times. this includes moving to different apartments in the same city.
whenever I moved to a different state, I literally sold everything and packed up my car and just rolled. in some instances I wouldn’t even furnish my whole place cause I knew I wouldn’t be there long