What Happens When Clifford Hall is Jailed for Being A Great Father

Another disgusting display of this country’s poor judicial system.



Since I am a father, it must be known that fatherhood can be taxing. If you live with the child, then you know that you have to serve as an example of manhood. If you are NOT living with the child, your responsibilities are the same. Beyond the monetary and materialism, a father pays his patriarchal tithes through love, guidance, and time spent. Therefore, any man working hard to do their job as a father should be honored.

This is especially true when there are too many fathers out there that DON’T take care of their responsibilities.

Yet, we have a case of a man being punished for “doing too much” and “not following his scheduled obligations”. Clifford Hall, a man that works hard to be a father to his child, wanted to make sure his child support situation was correctly paid up. Eventually, he paid off…

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