Valentine’s Week on YCS: Make-up Moves – Valentine’s Day Make-up

Makeup ideas for Vday… Even if you don’t have a date, get cute anyway 😉

YCS Blog

By Torrey, Make-Up Maven

For Valentine’s Day you have so many options for makeup. You can keep it casual and light or bring on the dramatics. You can also incorporate the Valentine’s Day colors of red and pink (although I would only opt for lipstick or blush, red/pink eyeshadow is very difficult to use without looking sickly).

Here I’ve provided you gals with a few makeup ideas that can easily be recreated by even the novice.

The good thing about makeup is, you can wear the same look with various outfits; so, any of these looks would work for all of the looks provided by Erika in her fashion post.

Casual and Light

Let’s start with the casual and light look. As you can see, the focus is the eyeliner. Here I used a Maybelline liquid liner, but if you’re not really good using liquid liner, just use a pencil…

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