spring time collective haul (pt 1)

for a while I had been over makeup.. I was content with everything I had and was focusing on continuing to build my kit… but then I made the mistake of rummaging google, looking at random stuff and ended up buying a bunch…

I’m going to break this up, with about 2 brands in each post so there isn’t just one long ass post

up first:

Revlon Photoready Skinlights
now it look me a while to find these. I spotted them all (there’s one more, which is bronze) at Ulta, but the bronze one was open. this was actually like my second time seeing them and all the tubes had been opened (y’all quit doing that, stores return policies are much more lenient now so if you dont like it or it doesn’t work, just take it back!).

so here we have:
barelight (left) and peach light (my fav)


IMG_5618 IMG_5619 IMG_5620


so here’s the deal with this Illamasqua stuff. they have an incredibly great Pro discount, 40% plus you get the fourth item in your order, free (which ends up being the least expensive item). they offer free fourth item for non-pro customers as well! the only downside for me is their being based in the UK… the shipping took FOREVER. and by forever I mean an entire month. BUT I saved soooo much money purchasing directly from them, as opposed to buying from Sephora. I recommend purchasing from their site, but opting for the premium shipping. costs more, but worth it.
here’s what I got


Excite (blush) – what I was most excited about 🙂




Rude (cream blush) – don’t like this. it’s not as pigmented as I imagined it’d beIMG_5630



Supernatural (gleam – basically a cream highlighter) – beautiful! gives a glow that’s sooo amazing!IMG_5633


IMG_5637Lover/Hussy (duo blush) – don’t like this either. the lighter color is more of a peachy tone, but I don’t particularly care for pink toned blushes, they don’t flatter my skin tone. this one was a miss, didn’t look how I expected






the Illamasqua order was a half hit/half miss. even with scouring the innanets for swatches the two items I mentioned I don’t like didn’t turn out the way I expected. not sure what I’ll do with these two, maybe throw them in my kit. nonetheless, Illamasqua has some aaaawesome products and I’ll be ordering from them again 🙂

have you tried any of these products or other products from these brands?

ok… I think that’s enough for this installment of “I have too much makeup but I still buy it” stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!


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