spring time collective haul (pt 2)

On to the second installment of my collective haul…

This time we have a few products from NARS and Bobbi Brown.

First up NARS…


Maybe 2 or 3 months ago he released the contour/highlight blush duos. I picked up Gienah. As you can see, the highlight shade will not work as a highlight for me, you can hardly see it, but contour will be great. So if you’re about a New Guinea or deeper in NARS foundation shades, this highlight may work for you.
But idk about this one, the highlight could end up looking ashy. So try before you buy!
I may have been able to get away with Paloma. Ah well, this works. Contouring is one of my fav things about makeup.




I also picked up Final Cut blush, which was released with the Final Cut collection, a Nordstrom exclusive, but was also available on the NARS website. It’s a really pretty coral/peach tone. Not as pigmented as the other NARS blushes I have (Taj Mahal, Rotonde, and Taos).

Lastly, I picked up another creamy concealer. I already own Caramel, but I wanted one that could give me a brighter undereye highlight so I also picked up Ginger. It’s yellow toned so it’s works well for me.

Bobbi Brown


I peruse her site every so often to check out any new complexion products. Cause as you should know, complexion perfection is my all time favorite thing about makeup. She recently released an updated formula of her very popular stick foundation.
Skin foundation stick
This color is 5.75 Golden Honey.
It’s a nearly perfect color match.
Let me rave about this foundation real quick. Excellent for dry to “normal” skin types, it’s so creamy and gives a beautifully glowy finish.
I’ll be back with a more in depth review soon. Just know, this is the shit!



Then I picked up a brown eyeshadow. This is Camel. I just wanted to get something else. Since I order everything online (to use my discounts) I didn’t want to pay for shipping, had to throw something else in the cart. But this will be great as a crease color. Could maybe even use it as a light contour powder.

Ok so that’s it for this installment. The final installment, part 3, is coming up soon.

Have you tried any of these products? How do you like them?
Thinking of trying them?

Ok, peace y’all 🙂


One thought on “spring time collective haul (pt 2)

  1. HA! i just bought camel at the CCO on Monday. I haven’t actually worn it yet but i love it…LOL

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