spring time collective haul (pt3)

Alright so here’s the final installment of this semi massive collective haul.

Purchase includes Buxom, Smashbox,and MAC.


I hadn’t tried any Smashbox items. I think I had a sample of the primer but never used it. I wasn’t very interested in what they were selling. Not sure why, but I just didn’t care for their products. I guess that’s until I spotted their under eye BB cream. This shade is “Medium.”

I don’t get why they call it that, to me just seems like any other liquid concealer. But anywho…it caught my eye so I picked it up.

It works well, gives me a nice refreshed look, doesn’t crease like crazy (although I have a deep set line under both my eyes, everything seeps into that crease), and it lasts. I like it!

Buxom was another brand I hadn’t try anything from. But I’d randomly come across this foundation, so of course I had to try it.
This weightless foundation can easily be compared to a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I’d even compare it to a face and body foundation. Think MAC, MUFE has much better coverage.
This will be covered when I bring back my foundation review series.

The shade I picked up is “Tan-Talize Me.” It’s a good match!

Then just another coral-y blush and a bronzer.
Let me say, this bronzer smells like straight island paradise! Such coconutty goodness 🙂

Blush is “Euphoria,” bronzer is “Maldives”





And finally….a couple things from MAC
SInce I’m on this coral/orange kick, I picked up Modern Mandarin blush, Rich Coral cream color base, Sushi Kiss lipstick, and Pink Pigeon lipstick. The lipsticks were backups. I swatched the new ones and the originally purchased ones to see if there was any color discrepancy. From what I can see, there isn’t. Cause MAC is good for switching it up without you knowing.




3 thoughts on “spring time collective haul (pt3)

  1. Hey, hey!! I wore it about a month ago, actually. It’s soooo pretty. I used it on my cheeks with a stippling brush then went over it with a powder blush. This color is perfect for cheeks. I think you can get away with using on lips as well 🙂

  2. You are really going to bright this summer. I would love to see how you wear that skin color base with your foundation. how would you apply it?

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