what’s the saying? change is the only thing consistent… change is inevitable…
whatever it is, seems just about right.

I enjoy change, I like seeing/doing new things.
this is why I move so frequently, why I get tired of a job after a year, why I want to go back to school, why I’m contemplating a new career, why I can never figure out what I want to do with my hair, because I want to do everything with it.

change. is good.

without trying to get too deep, I changed my blog up. I wanted something very simple, chic, with a touch of elegance. I’m still playing with it, should be no surprise if it’s totally changed up within a week or two.

all the content is there, which I’m going through to fix broken pictures/links, and new content is coming.

while I enjoy change, I lack consistency, but one thing that’s ALWAYS consistent in my life, is change.


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