my makeup storage

One of these days I’ll blog about my lastest move…back to Chicago.

I’ve been back for about 3 weeks and have yet to finish furnishing and decorating my place. Despite that, I was getting a little antsy (it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve worn makeup) and decided to at least get makeup storage under control. It had been sitting in boxes for long enough.

Aside from that, I’d purchased so much new stuff that wasn’t packed with my current makeup stash, so I was adding quite a few products in (reviews to comes, once I finally get to the newbies).

And here we are…

I purchased the containers from The Container Store (found here and here)

initially I purchased 1 tray, 4 drawers, and 4 wide drawers. but I only ended up using 2 drawers and 3 of the wide drawers (didn’t have as much as I expected, other wise I would’ve put them to use by buying more makeup… smh)

I still haven’t put my lipsticks away in their organizers because I want to color code them, which is a weekend project, coming soon.








I’m happy to finally have my makeup out of boxes, and I’m pleased with the organizers. they seem very sturdy and durable, so should last a long time. I may decide to use this type of system for my kit makeup, when it’s not with me traveling.

what’s your makeup stash/vanity area looking like?!


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