love NARS… hate the shipping

How many of you beauties use NARS products? François Nars knows how to make a girl squeal with his skin perfecting complexion products and intensely pigmented blushes (more bang for your buck)… But ordering online is such a hassle and I’m giving some serious thought into ceasing all online ordering. 

Now actually placing the order is no problem. Being a Pro discount holder, I can only use it online or at boutiques. Since there isn’t one is Chicago, I must settle for ordering online (or visiting a boutique when I’m in NYC). The problem is shipping! NARS uses FedEx smart post which is notorious for terrible customer service and delivery times. 

How it works… They send the package to your local post office, then the post office delivers the package. But check out the travel history below.. It comes to Chicago via FedEx, only to go to Wisconsin via USPS, then come back down to Chicago. Dumb. Just… Dumb. So it took 10 days to get my package. When it was actually in Chicago 2 days after It was shipped. 

Ok, so rant over. Here are the few things I purchased…

I’d gotten an email about the new complexion products, this powder being one. I’m pretty sure it’s similar to the loose powder previously released several years ago, just in more sleek, functional packaging. Gotta say, it’s pretty sexy, not to mention compact and won’t take much space. 

Soft Velvet Loose Powder – Mountain

I’m not sold on the new foundation released about a month ago… From what I’ve been hearing/reading it will take the place of Sheer Matte, which isn’t good for my skin type (dry). I still hear the new foundation can work for dry skin, but I’m not interested right now. So I picked up another Sheer Glow, this one in Cadiz for my summer color. Currently I use Tahoe, which works well and gives me PERFRCT coverage and color match. But once summer hits, expecting to go outside a bit more, I’m gonna need a slightly darker shade. Sheer Glow is a holy grail for me. Bet not EVER get discontinued!

Sheer Glow foundation – Cadiz (medium/dark 3)

I’d tried the stick concealer a few years ago and HATED it (for under my eyes). But I thought I’d give it another whirl, this time as a contour stick. I’m thinking it shall work out nicely!

Stick concealer – Cafe (dark 1)

That’s all for this small haul. NARS complexion products and blushes will forever be favorites! Have you tried any? What are your favorites? What’s been your experience with shipping?

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