Blogging is hard work…

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So I’m finally posting this look…

So I’m back with details of one of the looks I posted in my “a little extra…” post.
This look was worn on my first night out in DC. Had a great time and I reaaaaally liked the look I chose to wear.


No idea was foundation this is, which sucks cause I like to know for my own reference so I can look back on pictures to see how the foundation looks on my skin. Sometimes I just wanna see, don’t judge. Thank you.

I don’t know what blush or contour this is either, that’s what I get for having too many. Looks like it may be Mac ‘ripe for love’ (LE) or Mac ‘my paradise’ (LE)
Any peachy blush will get you a similar effect

What’s most important
MUFE 70 (crease)
MUFE 18 (lid)
Sephora flashy liner purple (lower lash line)
MUFE 92 (lower lash line)
Mac motif (inner corner)
I didn’t deepen the outer V or crease because I wanted a more soft look
Lid liner is just a black gel liner, I think. It could be liquid
No lashes, just loads of mascary (yes, this is what I call mascara, come at me)

Mac Peach stock lipstick
Mac peach stock lip glass

I think that’s it. Any questions, just let me know, although I may not have the answer. Sorrys.

pictures after the jump 😉

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that’s two weeks in a row…

2 weekends in a row…I’m on a roll!

So last week a new friend and I ventured on down to U Street in DC to see what Indulj was lookin’ like.

We had a pretty good time. The music was good, catfish nuggets were incredible, and the scene wasnt too bad (although I would’ve liked to see a few more men ;))

Those catfish nuggets alone will bring me back. And soon.

So if you’re in the DMV area, check it out!

Anywho…on to this FOTN/OOTN

I’ll have a post coming soon on this whole moving fiasco. Long story, short…I still ain’t got my shit. So I’ve had to buy some new clothes to go out in. Bummer.

I found this really cute hi-low dress at Macy’s on sale. I’m not really good at describing clothes but I’ll do my best. Hopefully the picture will explain it better. So the bottom half has a wrap feel too it, but it’s stitched. In the front there’s almost like a slit, but that’s the wrap feel to it. Basically if I stuck my leg out too far, all my thigh meat would be showing. So it’s got a little sex appeal to it. Heeeeeeeyyyy….

I wore some Steve Madden wedge sandals, I don’t think they’re pictured, but they were comfy and worn the entire night.

The bright orange clutch is easily my fav accessory. I would base an entire outfit around this clutch. It’s Jessica Simpson, purchased from Nordstrom Rack.

On to the makeup


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makeup happenings

I am bizack. Blogging while walking down the street. Multitasking! No secret I’m not consistent with this here blogging…but I’m getting them out..sometimes.

And cut me some slack, I was studying for a section of the CPA exam…we shall see how the results read. Send some positive vibes 🙂

And here I am with a few pictures of some looks I’ve worn this month.


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the typical work face

it’s monday…but at least this week is a short week, with thanksgiving coming up (which reminds me, I still need to hit up the grocery for my meal ingredients! yea, we cooks around these parts!). but I also told myself that I’d wear make up everyday this week, monday-wednesday. so here’s day one.

today’s eye look is courtesy of wet n’ wild. I went and dug out the ‘comfort zone’ and ‘vanity’ palettes out of my bag of “give away makeup” as I decided I’m just gonna keep those two, lol! their shadows are amazingly pigmented, just super soft so they will create a small dust effect, be careful when applying.

another rarely used item I chose to use today is MAC’s ‘rich ground’ fluidline as a base. it’s a beeeeautiful rich brown/bronze color, I could’ve used it alone. as a matter of fact, I will one day. pop some black in the outer v area and add a tear duct highlight and I’m good to go for a simple brown smokey eye. yes!

brows are the usual: MAC brow pencil in ‘spiked’, MAC brow set in ‘show off’

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I Got Buns

So I finally went out and bout a pack of braiding hair…so I could get the bun I’ve so longed for.

Since I BC’d (big chopped) I’ve been wanting a bun more than ever, but of course. Even though it’s such a simple style, it can be transformed to elegance or a cute messy bun.

So here’s a couple pictures of my bun (and a quick FOTN).20121113-154532.jpg

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Comedy and Makeup

Heeeeeey!!!! What have YOU been up to?

I’ve been working but busy season is finally over! Here’s a look I wore to a Kevin Hart show a couple weeks ago. I was lookin’ gooood 😉

He was kinda funny, not nearly as funny as his earlier shows. But hey, he’s Hollywood now.

Any who…here we go
I revisited MAC’s blue-brown pigment and I remembered how pretty it is!

Here’s what I used:

Mac spiked brow pencil
LORAC social baked matte eyeshadow
Mac show off brow set
Bobbi brown very deep bisque corrector to highlight under brow


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