something like legal matters…

this website is a personal online journal of the many things I enjoy, primarily beauty related items. there will be times when I may post pictures, sometimes I may not own those pictures, other times I will. those pictures to which I do not possess ownership will be clearly stated, and when possible, will have a source provided. I use google and other online sources to find pictures, which are all in public forums. if, by chance, you see a picture that belongs to you just contact me and I’ll remove it promptly.
Likewise, please do not take any pictures from my website, instead link back to my site for credit.
everything else contained in this blog is my own personal opinion. all opinions are my own and are never influenced. by anything. lying takes too much time and effort with no positive consequences.
all products shown are purchased by me or for me by the wonderful people in my life. if, however, there is a product provided to me, it will be clearly stated in that individual blog post.
I am not a professional, I am not an expert. I just know some things and am sharing with you all.
disagree with me if you will, no problem, debates are healthy. but you must always be respectful of me, my blog, and others who enter the conversation.

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